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a casa entre o rio e o mar portfolio.jpg

The House In Between the River and the Sea - 6 min. 48 sec. (2020)


"The House In Between the River and the Sea" talks about memory as a garment intertwined of different times and spaces, overlapping, rethinking, but in all moments bringing to the present another place, diverse from the one which existed in reality. At every moment, memory is recreated. It is immaterial, fluid, and mobile as the cycle of the water. It is born river to pour into the sea, and in between, there is the rain, the house, and the oblivion. The attempt of controlling the course of the river, of the images projected all around, gives materiality, delimitates a frame, a position. In all these lives the frailty of our remembrances. Nevertheless, we insist on the material building of something that may be lost in a storm.


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