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Nós - 4 min. 39 sec. (2021)


The film by FW Murnau, Nosferatu, created in 1922, is one of the first and most iconic horror movies in cinema history. "Nós," that in Portuguese means "us" is also the firsts letter of the movie title and is a love story created by subverting the montage and using a soundtrack that prioritizes drama over tension. It reflects on the new configurations of the global pandemic and the means of relationships established in this period. What we see on the screen is no longer the terror of a young woman attacked by the vampire, but the drama of a couple who suffers in pain for not touching each other, as this fatally results in death. In this way, both love and murder end in tragedy.


The film Nosfetatu is in public domain.


- Embraces: Utopian Proximities - 2021 - realizado pela Acropolis Remix / The Wrong Biennale - online (Internacional)

a casa entre o rio e o mar (1).jpg

The House In Between the River and the Sea - 6 min. 48 sec. (2020)


"The House In Between the River and the Sea" talks about memory as a garment intertwined of different times and spaces, overlapping, rethinking, but in all moments bringing to the present another place, diverse from the one which existed in reality. At every moment, memory is recreated. It is immaterial, fluid, and mobile as the cycle of the water. It is born river to pour into the sea, and in between, there is the rain, the house, and the oblivion. The attempt of controlling the course of the river, of the images projected all around, gives materiality, delimitates a frame, a position. In all these lives the frailty of our remembrances. Nevertheless, we insist on the material building of something that may be lost in a storm.



- Videografias do Convívio - 2021 - realizado pela Galeria Homero Massena - online / TV aberta (Espirito Santo) 

- Ángulos Expuestos - 2021 - realizada pelo "Ángulos Independientes - Espacio de Encuentro Audiovisual" - online (América Latina)

- Quarta-Fractal - 2020 - realizada pelo espaço de arte independente Caixa Preta - online (Rio de Janeiro)

atrás da máscara.jpg

Behind The Mask - 2 min. 48 sec. (2020)


Many of the filters on Instagram are used as a way to 'beautify', amuse, the already consolidated selfies. Through an Alcatel cell phone, with low rendering processing, I realized that when changing from one filter to another on Instagram, there was a 'new mask' generated by the failure. They were images in black and white, with a kind of pulse in light and dark waves, at the same time that checkered figures seemed to roam the space of the screen. None of the captured videos had a pattern, which made the landscape even more interesting to work on the overlay. With that in mind, I built a video in which these various forms of glitch appear, with my selfie at the end, created from this unexpected and temporary filter. 


Fubar - Glitch Art Festival - realizado pela AKC Attack association em colaboração com a Format C Artist Organization - online (Internacional)

- Glitch Art International Online Exhibition - 2020 - realizada pelo curador Cleber Gazana - online (Brazil)


Window's Dance – Looping - 1 min. (2020)


During the quarantine, I made a video looking for a way to register the behavior of people in their homes. "Window's Dance" is a movement of 9 screens presenting the same window at different times of the day. In this way, the viewer sees the routine, fragments by a single part of the house.



- #Quarentena Projetada – 2020 (Salvador / Belo Horizonte / São Paulo / Brasília / Belém / Pelotas / Rio Branco / Goiânia / Anápolis / Fortaleza - Mídia Ninja – Instituto Moreira Salles)


Screen – Looping - 1 min. 19 sec. (2020)


The average time using public transportation for daily work is three hours for residents in São Paulo/Brazil. Having this perception of displacement, it is possible to witness some glimpses in the inhabitants and the city, for instance, from the stations Barra Funda to Lapa, on line 8 - Diamond, of the train. The landscape as a screen, the act of waiting, the sound of the train's tracks and the salesman offering some products. In "Screen" is presented three different times of the same journey, important details to understand how life could be in an urban city.



- Mostra Art 120 – 2020 (Maranhão – Centro Cultural Vale Maranhão)


Don't Touch - 54 sec. (2020)


The animated video seeks to graphically expose the compulsory use of the cell phone. Literally showing how we are consumed by this technology. It is not by chance that there is a face in the place of the device, since, of course, the relationship that the human being establishes with the smartphone is one of affection, almost a contemporary “tamagotchi”, to which we need to pay constant attention. The title seeks to use the proper language used by these technologies, which has the touch as a key word.



– SPAMM – 4BR3 4 tU4 M3NT3, D35con3c+4 – 2020 (Lisboa, Portugal – Zaratan Arte Contemporânea)

bandeira 01 (2).png

Oh beloved homeland – 3 min. 35 sec. (2019)
in partnership with Cássia Hosni

Manual suggested for raising the national flag. In recent years, with the progressive overthrow of human rights in Brazil and the growth of nationalist movements, we began to think about the symbolism of the national flag. The appropriation of the graphic yellow-green, the emptiness of the speech in so many politicians, the increase of the number of flags that were put in the houses and buildings through 2018, are motivated us to create this video. "Oh, Beloved Homeland" is also a part of the Brazilian hymn. Using the flag and the hymn as a symbol, we suggest a manual for raising the flag as a way to oppose reality and discourse.

- Sistema Aberto 2ª Edição - 2020 (Fortaleza - Ceará - Sem Título Arte)

- II Festival Internacional de Videoarte da SPMAV - 2020 (Pelotas - Rio Grande do Sul - UFPEL)

rua guaipá - 02.png

Rua Guaipá – 5 min. 02 sec. (2019)

Today, those who pass the old Estrada do Corredor, on the way to the station or coming back from work, see bars, automobile repair shops and commercial shops. On the sidewalk people working, waiting for the bus, looking at the street or the screen of the cell phone. To see the everyday life, full of gestures, we should suspend time, almost to stillness. This is how the minimal expressiveness is revealed and the street is no longer a place of passage and become something similar to a tissue, which incorporates everything and everyone, day and night.


- Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin - 2020 (Paris - France - Video library)
- V Mostra de Projeções da Fotoativa - "o que será?" - 2019 (Belém, Pará - Brazil - Associação Fotoativa)

Between the Lines – 3 min. 56 sec. (2018) 

Passa ponte 
Passa poste 
Passa pasto

(excerpt from the poem "Trem de Ferro" by Manuel Bandeira)

From one station to another, the train takes us to physical places, but also to imaginary ones, since time inside a wagon allows us to wander, transforming reality into a dream. The sometimes so rigid back and forth path is uncertain as we are caught up in the hypnotic distraction of the landscape. Thus, the line breaks and fate can be invented.


- DOBRA - Festival Int'l de Cinema Experimental - 2018 (Rio de Janeiro - Cinemateca MAM)

- ASIFF - African Smartphone International Filme Festival - 2018 (Abuja - Nigéria)


Projections – 1 min. (2018)

Light fills space, giving form and life for everything it touches. However, as a river, the light can overflow and overshadow all the reality around.


- 60 seconds or less video festival - 2018 (Washington College - Chestertown, Maryland)

- 60 Second Intl. Film Festival - 2019 (Pakistan)

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